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"I am a senior and had felt like I was drowning in debt for over 20 years. He and his competent and caring staff walked me through this and now I feel like I have my life back again. I always felt like they were all right beside me with everything, that I was never alone and that I could contact them at any time with any concerns."

"Filing bankruptcy was the LAST thing I ever wanted to do, as I'm sure is the same for others. I was desperate and being sued by a credit card company. I e-mailed the firm and within 1/2 hour had a response and the next day appt. Michael met with me and I was at ease right away. He was reassuring &confident about my case. My next couple appointments were with Megan and I was very comfortable... This was the best decision I could have made and the best firm I could have gone with."

"My partner and I had a business that was going under but on top of that we also had two full time jobs so when we called around just about everyone told us we couldn't file for chapter 7. However, when we called Michael's office they took the time to really understand our financial difficulties and told us that could help us. We came in for our consultation and sure enough we qualified to file for chapter 7 since most of our debt was business and not personal. This was a great relief! I swear I called their office every day, sometimes twice a day, to get ALL my questions answered. Never once did I feel like I was bothering them in anyway. Everything went as smooth as they promised! "

"We did everything in our power to avoid filing bankruptcy, but inevitably we had no choice. Luckily we ended up at the Law Office of Michael Baumer. It’s good to know there are attorney’s out there who truly have the knowledge and experience to make the process painless. Michael’s staff hand held my wife and I throughout the process and kept us abreast at every turn. If you are ever considering filing, you would be foolish not to contact the Law Office of Michael Baumer to advise and guide you through this difficult time."

"Michael Baumer is smart. I knew it when we first met with him and was assured of it when we met with the trustee. Being smart and having a well organized (and smart) staff must be the key to a smooth and painless bankruptcy, because that is what the experience was like for me. From our initial consultation, I knew exactly what to expect and was prepared for what was to come. The discharge came without much fanfare - BUT THE DISCHARGE CAME! I highly recommend using this law firm."

"I was going through a tough time closing my small business and didn't know my options. I made many calls to attorneys around town, and nobody seemed to think they could help. I gave Michael Baumer's office a call and they gave me hope. When I came in for my initial consultation, Michael was extremely patient, knowledgeable, and down-to-earth. He answered all of my questions with confidence and explained the bankruptcy process in detail. Throughout the entire bankruptcy process, Michael Baumer and his staff were always easily accessible and willing to answer the many questions I had. After witnessing some of the other attorneys in court, I was very glad to be represented by Michael Baumer as he was always well informed of my case details and extremely knowledgeable of the legal system. I would definitely recommend the Law office of Michael Baumer to my friends, family, and fellow colleagues.."

"I was extremely depressed and worried about having to file bankruptcy but Michael, Megan, and everyone at the office were extremely helpful and made it a much easier process than I anticipated.... plus the payment plan helped a lot!"

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